Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Prototype Set up

I set up all the functions on the black board by placing them on the right positions and I wanted to show the path of interaction by putting them in real sizes.
I will take a video for the user scenario.
It looks organized! And, I'm glad that it works fine!! I'm working with Ben Chao now on the coding part!

It is more and more crazy and complicated but organized!

Tri-colored Leds will be used with Fiber Optic Panels

Xbee setup


I cut the black board to measure the real size. This is side view

This is front view

IR sensor and Servo motor for "Emotion" flower

IR sensor and Touch sensor(QT113)

White super bright Leds light up for "Loyalty" flower

MiniUSB and Arduino setup on breadboard

Instead of using switches, I replaced them with pressure sensors for the knee and hand down gesture.

Arduino on breadboard

AD5206, digital potentiometor, Tri-colored Led's best friend

My previous project, "Emotion" setup

I set up the main concept "Loyalty" with two switches first for the test


When I setup this breadboard for the first time, I already got muscle tension because I can expect lots of work

I setup touch sensor(QT113) and IR sensor on arduino

Set up for IR and Servo

I needed to set up arduino on breadboard because I have a bunch of ATmega8 chips

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This is for arduino sketch for pin numbers that I am going to use
I just want to figure it out in using two arduino with first design.
If it's not stable with two arduinos, I think I need to compromise my first design by reducing the number of flowers.