Monday, February 18, 2008


I am working on interactive artwork for my thesis. I want to incorporate 2 previous projects which are called Affection and Emotion. My third project is inspired by the bottle gentian flower which is called close gentian or loyalty flower because it does not open their leaves for any other insects except for bumble bee. My goal is to make something interesting based on the story of the loyalty flower.
For my final project and thesis, I would like to express the 3rd and final evolution to my human relationship story as "Loyalty."

Interactive Artwork
Project Title

Based on the story of the loyalty flower (bottle gentian)

- Open only for Bumble Bee
- Does not open for any other insects
- Physical expression of loyalty


- Affection inspired by "Peace lily at my home"

- Emotion by "Water lily"

- The Loyalty flower inspired by the story of "Bottle Gentian"

How to implement

Use Lighting, Sound, Movement
Add additional final concept
Possible use of transponder (ex:wireless detector?)
to show selective acknowledgement

Milestone 1: Concept develop

- inspired by Loyalty flower
- User scenario (Selective Acknowledgement)
- Draft sketch for project

Milestone 2: Expect possibilities in building prototype

- Build prototype (circuit board)
- Research for related work
- programming
- Material research and order

Milestone 3: Build up final project

- Fabrication

Milestone 4: User test and get feedback


1. Power supply to make current consistent

2. Two arduinos or multiplexers to express Light, Sound, Movement, and Wireless for multiple input and output

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